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Shoveling in AT boots

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

How good are the walk modes on the newer AT (Alpine Touring) boots? Imagine trying to shovel a steep driveway with standard ski boots. It would be terrible, you would not be able to move and the soles would slip all over the place. Given that, and how impressive the walking and skiing of my (then) new Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD (AT) boots were, I thought they might be up for the challenge.

It turns out they worked great - very easy to walk in and surprisingly little slippage on what was definitely a steep and slippery surface. (Ski testing had already proved that they skied very well.) While not every client needs this kind of movement, if you would like your boots to hike better - or even just be easier for walking across large parking lots - AT boots may be worth considering!

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