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I started Boot Fixation in 1996.

I'd been a skier for 11 years and worked in the industry for 10 in a variety of roles: ski tech, boot tech, instructor and race coach*. I skied at a high level, but I wasn’t getting everything I needed from my equipment to support the technique I was after. I saw the same issues in people I worked with, whether they were new skiers or experts. But back then, getting the kind of detailed, customized attention I was looking for was mostly limited to professional skiers.

​In time, I found a few gurus willing to work with me and share what they knew. Through a lot of trial and error, the changes I made and tested started coming together - I felt strong and agile and skiing was easy. I also cut seconds off my race times.

While instructing, I saw that a lot of my students were having similar issues to mine - what is usually seen as technique problems really begins with alignment or boot issues. My goal became to provide world-class service to skiers of ALL abilities.

Boot Fixation’s first location was in Frisco, Colorado next to Barclay’s on Main Street. Since 1998 I’ve been in Breckenridge and now also see clients in Denver. The goal is the same as when I started – to help you get the most out of skiing whether you're racing, skiing a few days or weeks a year, or if you're just beginning.​


*Ski industry history

  • New Jersey: Vernon Valley (now Mountain Creek) in New Jersey (and Action Park in the summer!)

  • Washington: Crystal Mountain

  • St. Anton, Austria

  • Colorado: Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mountain, Keystone Resort

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Photo: Doug Lane



Jeff created the business to provide world-class service to all skiers looking for the best experience on the hill. If you call or email, he's the guy you'll talk to. During the season he spends much of his time in Summit County, while during the summer he's primarily in Denver.



Project Manager

Pat has worked in the ski industry for more than 50 years. He has run ski shops, done contract work for Montana (ski tuning machines), and managed Dynastar/ Lange's downhill program on the World Cup. He's also an avid road biker. No matter the adventure, Pat enjoys getting home to his three felines Bud, Bob and Stan.

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If you are a Denver client, your arrival will be heralded by Felix (a chiweenie-plus). He gives his all every day.

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