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During your appointment, we will analyze your stance in motion and in a static position. To be comfortable and to provide accurate motion, come ready!

*If you have video or pictures of you in action, please email them to or bring them to your appointment. This allows Jeff to pre-evaluate your situation.

What to Bring for Ski Boots

  • Shorts or tights (so your knees are visible)
  • Thin socks that you wear with your boots
  • Comfortable shirt (you’ll be moving around a bit)
  • Your current ski boots (even if you want to buy new boots)
  • A good joke

What to Bring for Orthotics/Footbeds

  • Shorts or tights (so your knees are visible)
  • Thin socks (also bring thick socks, if you use these in your footwear)
  • The footwear (running, cycling, work shoes, hiking boots) you plan to use with the orthotics/footbeds

How Long it Takes

  • An initial evaluation takes approximately 1 1/2 hours
  • An evaluation including footbeds takes 2 1/2+ hours

How Much it Costs

  • The initial evaluation costs $100 and applies to footbeds or alignment work
  • Custom footbeds cost $300 (the initial $100 evaluation cost is applied to the charge)
  • Charges for most clients run between $300-$350

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