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What is ski boot alignment?

Good alignment means four things: 1) having a good stance, 2) being allowed to ski relaxed and ready, 3) having a full range of motion, and 4) easy use of edge angle and edge pressure.

Boot Fixation provides world-class service for skiers of all abilities that includes footbeds, canting, DYNAMIC BALANCING and fitting. We focus on finding you the right boot that provides the right fit, not on selling you a boot. We have more than 20 years of experience in working with ski boots and body mechanics that gives an unparalleled understanding of what you need.

Is boot alignment just for advanced skiers?

No! Alignment work can be incredibly helpful for skiers of all abilities, from novice to World Cup racers. While novice skiers require far less fine tuning than racers and instructors, a good stance and fit are essential to all skiers.

Just as a car’s wheels need to be aligned for maximum control and efficiency, a skier’s boots perform a similar function.  While race cars require the finest settings, even a minivan will not steer properly without good, basic alignment. If skiers were cars, most of them would have wheels going in different directions.

Who needs ski boot alignment?

All skiers need good alignment.  Novices usually want a good basic stance and range.  Advanced skiers (typically racers and instructors) require the most finely tuned alignment. Sometimes a skier’s alignment can be fairly good IF they buy the right boots, but for most skiers getting good alignment requires at least some boot work.

Who are Boot Fixation’s clients?

We take pride in working with skiers of ALL abilities, from novice to World Cup racers.  Whoever you are, however you ski, we take your skiing and your boots seriously.

Does everyone need high-level boot work?

No. By doing our 100+Point Boot Inspection, we can find your problem areas quickly and correct them efficiently.

How important is it to start with the right boot?

Having the right boot is very important. Every season we do extensive research on all boots in the industry so we can recommend the absolute best boot for you. This is the foundation for getting you on your way to the best skiing you’ve experienced.

How long does it take?

The initial evaluation takes approximately 1 hour. Alignment and fitting are an additional 1-2 hours. We gear our work around your goals.  For instance, we recognize that a novice skier who wants to ski comfortably on green and blue runs does not require the fine tuning that a World Cup racer does.  We want to do the work that will make you feel great on the slopes.

What is a good boot setup and why is it important?

Boots have a big job. They must 1) fit the unique shape of your feet and legs; not too tight (pain) or too loose (sloppy), 2) give you a proper stance so that you are relaxed and ready while you ski and 3) be warm enough to handle extreme temperatures.

Shouldn’t boots work pretty well from the factory?

Most boots do. But, most skiers have 5-10 issues that really hold them back.  Fix these, and your skiing will be transformed!

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